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RECARO Issues Voluntary Recall for ProRIDE and Performance RIDE Car Seats - September 15th, 2015

Recall Notices

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How to add top tether strap

It was discovered that the RECARO ProRIDE and Performance RIDE convertible car seats can sometimes crack in the tether area during a motor vehicle crash when tested according to the United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 (FMVSS 213). This is why a voluntary recall for the RECARO Performance RIDE and ProRIDE was issued in the United States.

This will only affect the child seat (1) when used with the top tether in a forward-facing position AND (2) with a child who weighs 52 pounds / 23,5kg or more. It does not affect the child seat when used in a rear-facing position or forward-facing position with a child who weighs 51 pounds / 23kg or under. The cracking in the tether area will not occur when using the ProRIDE or Performance RIDE car seat with 3-point-belt and no top tether.

RECARO would like to stress that when this cracking condition does occur, all dynamic test scores are within FMVSS required limits. As a precautionary measure we are providing consumers with a strap and simple installation instructions that will distribute energy slightly differently in the event of a crash and prevent cracking.

US Authorities (NHTSA) stress that consumers should continue to use the product.

If you have any questions regarding your RECARO ProRIDE or Performance RIDE, please contact us directly. New Zealand consumers please contact RECARO customer service with questions or to learn more about their line of child safety products at 0800 738764 or
Please provide your model number and manufacture date of your seat. You can find the model number and manufacture date on a white label on the left side of your child restraint.

Please note the Performance RIDE is not currently available for sale or use in New Zealand.

For over one hundred years, the RECARO brand has been internationally recognized as the leader in seating safety, ergonomics, comfort and style. Presently, RECARO Child Safety, LLC (RCS) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of child safety seats, combining the technology of race car safety with luxury design and modem color palettes. Today, all RECARO Performance Series child safety seats are hand-assembled in the United States of America. With new innovations on the way, RECARO is positioned to innovate the entire child safety seating category once again.